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E-Major Sonat (Atom H 1988)

Like the expansion of what so-called NWOBHM spreading through-out Europe continent; including Forced Entry as this German band from Bonn (Western side capital city of Germany) releasing their thrashing mixed and Power Metal into one package and (as well) as one last of the only recording album ever been thrown out in their career: this self-titled record.

Featuring the formations for Achim Meyer, Harry Amthor, Mike Gare, Roland Wedel, Rudiger Blindert and Willi Schwabig might carrying the band’s harder-stance in high pitched vocals, standard riff-age and rhythm sections blown out in less painful or immediate danger acclaimed within Last Dawning, Guardians of The Lost, Desperate For Your Love, Ionic Storm onto Heart of Man – felt like half crushing but not making much damage to your ears except the head-banging while drinking overdosed.

Forced Entry: