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Durnius (Inferna Profundus Records 2016)

   As the christianity never sets its feet permanently to converts Lithuania landscape; proven to today’s militant metallic-head fans back there just like the scenery that still alive well and grown to be bigger every-time you looking forward to find something that comes out from it just like Pergale – the Vilnius Depressive Black N’ Roll group which keeps on creatively creating their groovy music in order for loving alcohol, sex and drugs that became possible to performing their occultism craziness by the members: guitarists Simonas and Gusmanas, bassist Demonas, drummer Ilja to keyboardist levas and lead vocals by 7 as the band releasing their Antropologija album as a semi-death admiration on both satanic and modern day touch through black Metal, Post-Rock, Dance Rock and Pop Folklore tensions did freaking well as the traditional taste on the tracks of fury thoughts and ideas on A Boy’s Night Out, Viskis II, Gabriel The Norwegian or Estonian Lesbians.

Fun, rocking, nuts !