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Drowning Void Black (Eternal Warfare 2013)

   There’s many freaking secrets lies between heaven and hell as nobody shall discovers some of them unless you being the chosen few or entering the community living on worshiping the ancient and the darkness that follows it as might not ridicule the stupid religious people whom believed that god himself the almighty creator of everything is the one we should obey or bow-down to because men made man’s holy book – so that’s why Black Metal band scenery like Mania from Salem, Oregon had choose his own different ways not because he’s anti-religious but more likely to give us an alternative section to not following more lies of Christ by cranking the explosive Black/Doom/Ambient Metal music that written, performed and produced by only one man project: Mania through this recording release Revel. Nate Myers really did all the instruments and vocals with the help of Rowan Biskey (cello), Jessica Carroll (female vocals) or the artwork of mysterious symbolic scene whilst the torturing slower or extreme erupts riffs can easily tick the audiences just like Dimensions, Storm, Falling to Mirror; sending the answered questions or the dead people’s souls turned into ecto-plasma or floating spirits to be re-born again by time.