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Drenched Exodus (Paper + Plastick 2010)

   Slamming the listeners with their force of bewildering bombards from a fast killer beasty Hardcore-Punk before the world disillusioned within break-ups and commercial greed with the ideas of co-working featured figures Jay Navarro (Suicide Machine) and former drummer of Fordirelifesake Justin Malek, bass player Jeff Uberti (Left in Ruin) and Coalition's guitarist Alex Awn; Hellmouth that’s what they’re calling themselves expressing the contempt and resulted this enormous collision clash-sounds between Punk and Metal Thrash for the second recording release via Gravestone Skylines divided onto two sides: Aftermath which bursting the Detroit, Michigan’s themed rebellious active destruction tracks like Resist Control, Hands Like Spiders to Amen Assholes or Spitting Blood & Teeth and Babylon parts that dragging the rest contraction of belly beasty fighting anthems through Valley of Armageddon, Tragedy of a City, Lions to Vultures & Crows crackling the branches of wealthy society and shaking the elements which used to be well-planted by the false elder’s prophecy views teaching the world to follow them since the beginning of developing times of mankind. The facts that always been dig or reveals quietly but not here – as Hellmouth screaming out and blasting brutality kicking to make their enemies screaming as the band avenge theirs like the scavengers aiming to slay the oppression army nearby.

Gravestone Skylines: