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Doplazila Pulnoci Ked (Invictus Productions 2017)

   V Okresnem Rybniku Hastman uz Po Staroca Vyncina (In The Provincial Pond a Water Goblin Has been Raging for Centuries) or Ked Stareho Bartolina ze Senku na TackachZvazali (When Old Bartolin was Driven back Home from The Tavern on a Wheelbarrow) as well as Ve Starem Mlyne Certi po Nocach Marias Hravaju (Devils are Playing whist at Nights in The Old Water Mill) kinds of songs written and arranged by these rock-heads from  as being consisted for Temnohor (vocals), double guitarists As and HV to Peter the bass player and drummer Miroslav for the likes of Mercyful Fate meets Black Sabbath meets Judas Priest meets Bathory as representing Slovakia over this shows on Thrashy Rock N’ Roll Death music on their second albums – Nordkarpatenland and being themselves blasphemously as Malokarpatan. Feel thus exclusive blistering bash and destructive themes on destroying the modern civilizations from the inside out as poisoning the youth probably the best efforts that the underground had been doing since decades to the final offering time. Na Horarni Ve Folvarku Safari Rohaty Jager (A Horned Jaeger governs The Gamekeeper’s Lodge in The Uplands) may presenting the slaying acts of mad man to his women and mother earth on the above whilst the demons playing tricks and cards below – waiting …