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Disco Tender (Bandcamp 2013)

   They’re consisting as a trio almost the same exact formation like the semi-legendary Seattle band – P.U.S.A but this one named Even Man Out is a newcomer with Palimo Lopez (guitars, bass, vocals), Brian Engelmann (guitars, bass, vocals) and Jordan Klein (drums, keyboards, vocals) forming the band in Philadelphia and combining the differing musical style but basically, stands for Indie-Rock and Post-Punk progression and counting more. You might hearing the 80’s Rock festivities on them or on the other hand, thus melodic and harmonies of from the sixties and surrounding more over Pop-Rock and Alternative sessions via (their album that the cover reminding us about The Sims) Tinicum the album with the female sensual popper boosts by Lydia Bianchi among Catch The Drift, A Curious Bunch, Let’s B Friends, the catchy - You’re So Unconcerned or Undefined Friend.
There’s also Sunday in The Afternoon, For The Feral Few to The Letters as well as Someone To Love peeling the romance or silly themes daily onto something more serious to laugh-about by the fans.