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Did We it! (Bandcamp 2017)

   Fully funk-out Jazzy to Rn’B module on as this instrumentalist/beatmaker named Koal Harrison expanding his polyrhythmic molasses down and flowing wider whilst thus Hip-Hop, Dance of G-Funk, Soul Urban to Nu-Disco reliable from Toronto, Canada territory as being known there as The Kount (means counting to – or being a a count of ambassador) and not because having a young female girl like a child-models wearing giant green glasses for safety or such but Contact would be its album that creatively, break the Alternative Rap class onto a brand new branches of experimental and independence hierarchy telling the globe about the inter-galactic instrumentals among the gates of interstellar all the messaging way through You Glow, Hey, 5 For The Squad, Knock Knock (feat. Falcxne & Flamingosis) and more bumpy intermediates on parallax themes such as Futureland or Only Human. Hip-Hop serving no more to the man; now men served their legacy thanks to Hip-Hop/Rap music like a twenty-four seven spyz over the music beats daily !