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Deviler Messier 666 (Hells Headbangers Records 2015)

   An Oulu (Finland) - Bonehunter trio whom praising the death-dealers for decaying in musica performing the likes of forbidden blasphemous mixing between Thrash, Black Metal, Hardcore and Crust Punk; talking about the sickening lyrics of depression, war, death or bitches in general hatred of overture standard tension level that represents by the slasher solos, heavy riffs and fast burst tempos – ready to grinding your ears and brain into useless meaty porridge fits to be consumed by darkness of evil-eating flesh.
Three satanic metal-heads; guitarist Witch Rider, Satanarchist the lead vocalist and bass guitar pounder to S.S Penetrator on drum bashing release this fourth albums made by them; combusting the mixed of terrorizing gauge-pump gunshots or blaster-chords that definitely devastating to anyone whose listening to Evil Triumphs Again too damn loud. 
Fucking the atmosphere within the final extermination explosions of Extreme Metal sounds through thus semi-monotonous horrific themes and background jaw-breaking tones like Black Shrine, Devil Metal Punks, Burning Skulls, Acid Fuck to Succubus that even scarier than the first time you ever listening to The old version of Exploited Barmy Army back then. 

Surely, you will be fucking blown away after discovering this ! 

Evil Triumphs Again: