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Desperanter Vile (Hellion Records 2002)

   Operatic symphonies vocals of female singer is a Brazilian Gothic Metal group consisting of Larissa Frade, Andre Dias, Bruno Coelho, Pedro Santos and Rodrigo Campilho combining their alliance of talents as musicians and the love for good completely heavy metal epic in mastering symphony of surrounding sounds as the releasing for Rainy Days of October – the band’s debut album blessings with the marks of leading superb melodies on keyboards and riff-age while the rhythmic sections bashing harder to the slower motions as your audience’s feelings following the great choices over the magnificent powerful lead singer voice and thus background music lively amaze everyone whom watching them. 
Listen to Damsel of Grief, Reap The Grand, A Deeper Gray and Naughty Elegy where romantic unspeakable relationships between married couple and the singled out or concubines to ordinary slave or most of those European-tinged flicks for forbidden love and the least fallen Autumn moon’s leaves may sounded not frightening at all but might changed your loyalty down to lust.

Rainy Days Of October: