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Depraved Heart (Debacle Records 2017)

Long-timed friends met and there’s a flick for Folk-Rock improvisations within the mixing of both traditional acoustic and the modern electric ones by the featuring figures: Jesse Sheppard on twelve-strings guitar along with Drew Gardner extending their awesome talents on having plenty influences and good course for hours listening to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page, Psychedelic Hard Rock stuff and modern Indie Rock shows that did this - Elkhorn build permanently well as a musical project to them.

The gathering of Folk Rock, Bluesy tones, Pop-Indie and those instrumental sounds on The Black River album really showing us the powerful duet between these personalities for the enclosures moment that the world music needs to hear via Ohun, Sugar Hill Raga, Due West and Spiritual. 

There’s nothing wrong with them or your ears, thus melodies, the techniques and the magic atmosphere of this is just great non-vocals music ... 

The Black River: