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Dead Brother (Self-Released 2015)

   Melodic and fully made a catchy arrangements for the efforts known better as - Mostly Crocodile album where Punk-Rock meets Rock N’ Roll popper to the excellent of simplicity solos sounding like a retard playing them but equally fits for your jumping stereo-kicking and regarding bag floats of garbage for the past three years as written, recorded and produced by Josh Evensen, moixed and mastered by Kevin Carafa while drums and backup vocals being performed by Matt Olsson, nylon string guitars by Steven Donahue and trumpets (Andrew Diggirius) within cover and photography made by Ashley Tobin and Kevin P Hickey. Where Is My Spaceship given its distinctive Pop-Alternative measurements over the music materials there as the cover might reminding some to Army of Darkness – a movie as the music here are silly but serious and on the same time wiser but rebellious. Take the examples on Snake Juice Anthem, Red Shirt, Sad Songs All Night to Champion Swimmers or It Won’t Be Forever and dig deeper for the roots of the nineties rock fusions and more modern tinged stuff on being honest in sound.

Mostly Crocodile: