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De Natura Sonores (Not On Label 2017)

   A started as some atmospheric side-project conveying thus mental disorder themes like haunted ballroom to the shining influences from Leyland Kirby which acts a longest running career off music making and recordings as “Jim” Kirby baptized this works under the naming of The Caretaker which then made onto a compilation with many musician projects involved there as V.A Memories Overlooked: A Tribute to The Caretaker by willingly, kept the blending of Ambient experimental, Big Beat, Dark Vaporwave to Drone as Non-music or Classical staging available here with old gladness as nearly, semiotics catalog for soundtracks to something precious over living and death to the in-between wisely.
   Interesting thoughts and main ideas of writing compositions to making possible great works of musical satisfactory arts there by other artists/musicians through Where was The Place We were at Where The other People Live ? (/Zarathrusta) onto The Ghost of Stefan von Bon Bon Bobo (Snakepiss), New Shoppe comes with Some Day (Things will get better), Arcipluvian via Esoteric Abyss, Diamondstein for Nickelodeon and Thomas Santucci on The Seventh Stroke of a Key among others. 

Over one hundred and two tracks preserving back here …