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Day Of The Vulture (Relapse Records 2006)

   Gavle, Sweden’s Grindcore side-project group off William Blackmon called Gadget shall morbidly crushing you and the rest of your army right here where you stand as the blasting devastated power violence and Death Metal roots come like a demolishing hell-fire earthquake up to 9.9 magnitude via The Funeral March.
The quartet of destructive gods of Extreme Heavy Metal music whom establishing Gadget: Fredrik Nygren (bass), Emil Englund (vocals), William Blackmon (guitars, drums, vocals) and Rikard Olsson (guitars) never sounded better than this recording as you will be destroyed instantly through the explosive grinding tracks highlighted here since the opener Choked to Feed on Lies, Requiem, Tristessens Fort, H5N1 and many more all over these seventeen songs recorded inside this album. 
Be the last one who surviving this terrifying production and you might be escaped to match another Death Metal Grind-core duel with these guys another day – if the Earth still exist. 

The Funeral March: