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Dawn For Wish (Argonauta 2017)

   Doom/Stoner as the intended slower-beats bible-bashers crew off Madrid, Spain not because they’re counting the mission as becoming a giant mammals with less-prey or parenting hood try-out in crazy metallic acts but Mothersloth truly, might be those mythical giant creature that terrorizing the indland of Brazilia for decades and killing people as they’d eating them whole. Comes as a trio consisting for Gog (drums), Dani (vocals, guitars) and Adrian Moline (bass guitar) – finding themselves inside the circle of magic dark occults through the releasing album recording entitled – Moon Omen and the band did their performance sounding familiar to play the essentials and not being bored even though the co-working didn’t last forever under this head-banging slot. Six ritualistic musical in Heavy Rock classic mixture between both Speed Metal to Doomy Thrash for Shadow Witch, The Firemill, Doomsday Cyborg but mostly, binged in the almost stomping grooves style as the vocalist sometimes sounds familiar like Velvet Revolver’s lead singer.

This is once a triumph for both modern and classic sphere of metallic Doom bastards heavier music test.

Moon Omen: