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Datzun You (Small Stone Records 2012)

Lined-up of five piece group playing their rootsy Stoner Rock and damned Desert Psychedelic Rock beats is Pickles (lead vocals, guitar), Mattam (guitar), Igor (bass, vocals), Nikky (keyboards, percussions, vocals) and Teemu (drums, backing vocals) – new Finnish generation out of Turku named Mangoo, sending out their “power groovy guitar music” to the globe and this second albums really works out fine as you might finding the truth sounds in Neverland. 

The magical rocking tunes for almost one hour and thirty-four minutes penetrating progress and further excellent bursting sounds like a Diamond In The Rough upon thus icy hidden city on top of the giant mushroom as Deathmint, You Robot, Lose Yourself, Painted Black, Hooks or Moom shall reveals the good vocals, standard superior tunes and brighter future for these rock-heads !