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Darkbloom (Tragic Hero 2016)

   Try to think about your non-interesting Christmas eve while sitting alone in front of the fireplace; waiting to go out and bumps over sightings on the outdoors just like the bursting Metal-Core togetherness on ridging the toaster beats and anger being hold like forever but now needing the release exit to make oneself lives spiritual again. Invent, Animate is your American Progressive metallic band from the unknown Port Neches, Texas – consisting for Caleb Sherraden (bass), Keaton Goldwire (guitars), Trey Celaya (drums) and Ben English (vocals) being rocks out rioting the scenery over the second releasing of their album Stillworld.
   The story about a white wolf journey to find wisdom and conquering fears as the double pedals angst and solo melodic slicing harder and powerful while the soaring screamo vocals lead the inglourious bastards track-listed titles of themes sweeping the evil solstice of winter world through Agora, Indigo, Celestial Floods, Dead Roots, Vacant or Solace … the products to lost children of the realm where adults being busy with their small unimportant ego-parties and left their kids unguarded as the wicked spirits of the cold stole them and transforming into wolves, trees and the moon light.