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Cut Run Neglect (Deranged Records 2016)

Looks like almost everyone of the band’s members were quickly kicked out or busts right after the short living furor on Hardcore stance viewing the distant future protesting against the injustice and terror the neighboring places in such slamming acts. Career Suicide might already did their self-destruction but with the least left behind names of Jon Sharron, Jonah Falco or Martin Farkas among other ex-members; release this surprising record entitled – Machine Response just like universal soldier comes back to avenging the modern society, the songs attached here also did the same ways as thus distorted raw Punk tracks of Tighten The Screws, break Away, Blank Expression, No Walls No Curtains and Point of No Return – probably, showing that the group is already been in the deep dark realm – stuck but not stopping to fight sending the messages for riot party to kept the spirits of struggling street protesters alive after the death unsure.

Machine Response: