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Currents Was I Mind (Thrill Jockey 2012)

   Whether you didn’t know or have heard about the hoax reports on the mis-information about the modern city on Planet Mars must turning your head and ears to this record album of A World Out of Time – released by the Portland-based Psychedelic Prog-Rock group Eternal Tapestry.
Consisting of either Bob Jones, Dewey Mahood, Jed Bindeman, Krag Likins, Nick Bindeman to Ryan Carlile and Spectrum Control on board really assumed that some parts of that sci-fi story is true because the band already founded and then wanting to show to the rest of the globe that the actual hi-tech compound really did exists on their minds and later on being transferred onto the compositions for music and sounds with the proving artworks on front cover. 

Over Planetoid, Alone against Tomorrow, When Gravity Fails and  Sand into Rain can explain the whole secret of the universe according to Eternal Tapestry as you wish to rearranged by Psychedelic Prog-Rock and sci-fi history … 

A World Out Of Time: