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Cross Vicar’s (Self-Released 2017)

   From the latest black humor and existential tendency came in the kicks of our Indie-Pop mural like paintings on the wall – a greatest source from these Rotterdam four-piece naming themselves Lewsberg and letting their feeling on inspirational repetitive as distorted grungy melodic disturbance may harassing the listeners but still everything is good because it’s true just like the cynicism over contra-culture (or just think about the sweeter anti-social Velvet Underground version) in a big city with a nonchalant intensity – almost the same sounds emerged from the miscellaneous releasing of The Downer. Will you believed it when the band releasing this album by the used of cassette format also ? Contrary, yeah – but thankfully that Chances shall be the leading track for opening the time phase chances for the quartet to creating more and more.

Wuupiee, jumping over the last borderline of Autumn !

The Downer: