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Creeper To Dust (Self-Released 2016)

By the total influences from Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Bebe Barron to John Carpenter as well as Fabio Frizzi and Vangelis  this Schlockwave bringer of deader topics and horror-schism messages is actually, a posthumous Electronic orb-kinds of like creature from Transylvania County, NC whom will splattering human-benings eras and brain washed your thoughts and taken the souls. Satandroid releasing this second recording mixed with nudity plus the gore effects but foremost of all – scoring likes of Synth-Wave or Dark-Wave as monotonously possible as the beginning might filling up the gap between horror movie and porn classic bonuses in one package and Terrortron – is one of thus ultimate mastery for this genre.

Take a time to learn or study the case of Ashville, North Carolina’s Necrophiliac Among The Living Dead (Original Soundtrack) because the film in fact also exists as real as the recording release right there. From Opening Credits, City Lights Before The Fright, Mortuary Desires, Run Hide… They’re Everywhere and Hymn For The Psychotic Mind have touching your wildest dream where the undeads scenery movie can be combined with some sexual installments via disc and beyond but unfortunately for the girl – she’s been captured and slowly raped and eaten alive on the same time.

Necrophiliac Among The Living Dead (Original Soundtrack):