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Creek Battle (Self-Released 2017)

Did Virgin Mary Pistol Grip really wrote down their music and lyrics for songs on 3 A.M sharp as your positive describing for authenticity on these manic poetry over the extended play recording of Secret Codes really exact on telling the nuisance and the magical moments captured at that timing; a minor band from Omaha, Nebraska whose consisting for Coleton (bass), Wyatt (guitars), Jas (drums) and Jales (vocals/guitar) turning the television off and turn the radio on leaving the silent fulfilling with their five e.p songs listed to recording inside.
Get your redemption and crying shame via Ginger Jesus or Daydream on no more faking lives story onto2 Days Sober over the drug addiction cleaner clinic choice and the lost for some and everyone through Funeral that grabbing their popular melodies emotionally blended by Alternative Country Rock/Manic Indie-Pop and originality honest to play …

Secret Codes: