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Contemplates Suit (Columbia 1997)

   Barry Sonnenfeld directed one of the most hilarious comedy that touches some parts of the classified files secretly kept by the governments on the American Science Fiction as well actions stories about the undercover agency or organization which monitoring and supervised any kinds of life-forms of extra-terrestrial here on the planet earth disguising as your neighbors or someone you didn’t really know or even superstars.
As the recruiting NYPD policeman – James whom pursuing a mysterious suspect turned out to be suicidal in his really odd talks and facts showing got a chance for an interview where he finally manage to finish all of the field tests to the writing tests with a very smart results working with K then, as J the very secret agent in this first project of Men In Black film. Investigating the related case of a dead arquillian royal family to the giant roach-like alien disguises as a hillbilly looks like Farmer John to the search and rescue on Laurel Weaver the hot coroner girl as well as saving the planet from destruction and giving back the jewelry diamond known as Orion’s Belt to the owner race of inter-galactic war-craft and eliminates the filthy kidnapper/killer bug might be your energy source too within the scoring music composed highly intelligent enough by the dark music maker of all time – Danny Elfman. 
The album release of Original Music Score composed by Danny Elfman – Men In Black The Score truly haunting as well as intrigues and fascinating the audiences – especially, those sci-fi aliens lover-heads. Whether you holding a gigantic phase proton guns or smallest Noisy Cricket; being agile is the main points to have your M.I.B mission succeeded and Impending Trouble scores with more tracks of instrumentations like D’s Memories from the ambush jobs by the border patrol caught some illegal aliens or the skinned monstrous sugar-drinker big bad bug in disguise or Morgue Time failed hitting on the girl; Headquarters first time visits to Petit Mort, K Reminisces, Imports/Quiet Moment and the trademark opener on M.I.B Main Theme along within those Rn’B stars filling some songs for the soundtrack as well. 

PS.There are too much mysteries around us and through-out the universe that you might not know or never will. 
Best kept them secrets …