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Columbine High Harmony (Fork And Spoon Records 2013)

   Indie Pop attacks never felt this mysteriously good to hear as these Spartanburg, South Carolina group – Coma Cinema forming by Matthew Lee Cothran started his written songs of tons for years before then later recorded his first studio debut album under the nicknaming Coma Cinema. As locally well deserved smaller info gains upon him as for his previous works; the man himself stepping in further onto his “not too simply” format of song-writings as more albums finally came out with this mark of fourth recordings – Posthumous Release; that independently showing the creepy photographic front cover where we can clearly see a man wearing his animal head-skull as well as interpreted inside by more track-listings within thus Pop-Progressive Rock to learn more before you decided to make a lonely journey crossing country as danger might appears on the side of the roads or every corners where you didn’t check while passing through. Bailey Jay, White Trash VHS, Satan Made a Mansion, Burn a Church to Virgin Veins, She Keeps it Alive and Survivor’s Guilt may tackle your sense of making art a killing easier.

Posthumous Release: