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Circleville Dyrka (Self-Released 2017)

   (Perhaps) ex-commie and Russian independent states slave countrymen now turning independent as his country torn apart by the civil war but never make him surrender from writing down his talents in creating music of depression and solitude by the basic themes and possible – not really recognizable completely by the outside world. 
   This one-man project of Post-Rock and Doomed Metal protégé in modern grungy products really not sounding exclusively commercial and Farewell, Grim Desert proving the essential music of Gefradah (such a strange name) picking itself a standard slow tuned passion over those practical camouflage of exterior enclosure for distorted buzzing low-key adventure into tunes and beats completely recorded, performed and composed by Victor Hornets may capturing your attention here over these twelve tracks of mixing musical instruments through Lake City Quiet Pills, Mad Gasser of Roanoke, Wych Elm Bella, Toynbee Tiles, Dead State Best Conditions, Lamia, The Elm Guest House variously, comes within their own features of self-inflicted technology meets unfamiliar culture of rock-music and mysteries of the universal living space between us. Not even NASA shall not approves this as a great album so far.

Farewell, Grim Desert: