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Church Bell (Bandcamp 2015)

Deep cold Darkwave infusion musical retreats there lies like a couple promising lies being left lying on the cobblestoned road somewhere in the middle of nowhere whilst this Shoegaze-tinged power rocking Synth-Pop project made by Jason Martin and Ryan Clark off their own fortune-telling fame show for the healthy dose of 80’s nostalgia signaturing brand and further study on the higher dance-beats on this type of sounds reverb-drenching with haunted vocals and aesthetic music that reminding us about Echo & The bunny men or The Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode. This Uppers album rleleasing by Low & Behold must be your ultimate dream-scaping drowning images as echoing whispered softly towards the speakers and volatile voices beneath your spellbound minds recycling the miracles as if those marooned tracks like Bring Me Home, Son of Mine, Some People, You Walk Alone, Violent Sound and The End of The Road releasing the painless spines that broke to mend or stop breathing …