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Cerin Amroth (Self-Released 2015)

   Horse-riding through the wilderness for couple weeks and then, before your strength finally wasted out and gone – your sight seeing the ancient city of Edoras before finding the kingdom of Rohan in the valley of white mountains and in the fanatic Tolkien universe; Brazilian musicians decided to built their own Edoras as the musical group performing Dungeon Synth to Ambient Darken. Focused and basically, influenced hard to interpreting the whole stories as the songs all were made by Wogharod; Doors of Moria is the group’s awesome heritage releasing of Electronic-instrumentals of Lords of The Rings experiments calculated the time-lapse via the keyboards hymn and whispering howls outer dark against the kindness bravery of light made in form of the strengthen army of men from the North which harmonically, bared slower within The Shores of Valinor in 04:39 onto Dol Gurdur mystery castle behind the necromancer’s existence for over only 02:40 or even the beauty related tongue-tales about The Lady of Galadhrim whom not only gorgeous but powerful as the good-wizards alley a must to adore and to obey as fate reconnecting them off good intentions for guarding The Middle Earth.
   Doors of Moria is the path where you can get inside the ancient mountains of Dwarf Kingdom of Moria from the back but beware of thus water creature and more sinister dangers dwelling inside it.

Edoras has re-creating the epic story in their own stylish Electronic experiment-noise music as Tolkien influences lives on even after the big war that’s going to come.

Doors Of Moria: