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Cerebration Day (Beyond Is Beyond Is Beyond 2017)

   Enter Quietly releasing its jamming improvements over thus Psychedelic Krautrock and Acid Folk-Rock shocking in twelve minutes and fourteen seconds as pioneering the circulatory excursion faint of previous echoes seeming to attached towards the releasing for Excursions To Cloudland; while the announcement says that the captain that spoke before is dead now and your San Francisco – California crew of the quartet Arjun Mendiratta, Brian Lucas, Jeffrey Alexander and Shiela Bosco went their own specific ways containing thus Fogged Out in two parts for about eight and fifty-nine seconds whilst another carried out ten minutes to fifty-seven seconds to the finish. 

There’s walls in-between the sounds and the noises experimental that cannot be crumbled down even if you didn’t being hypnotized by the music yet; the mistakes went gently a journey as the title said so …

Excursions To Cloudland: