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Celebdil Gjallarhorn (Self-Released 2014)

   Deep inside the ancient dwarf kingdom of Moria a terrible mistake happened where thus gold digging with lust of greed dwarfs race into deep they’re kept on digging in order to find more precious gem stones and plenty gold which never felt enough for them and the conquest for that would (in their imaginative minds) make more wealth dripping endlessly to their mighty kingdom halls through tunnels and underground passages but as fortune goes away fading from their sight; the greed finally awakens the old ancient creature of the past demonic beings – Balrog comes and quickly, destroying the entire Moria palace as the darkness slowly conquering Across The Misty Mountains of Moria since.
   Inspired from that story of J.R.R Tolkien has made this French project music came onto blended eerie surroundings where Dark Ambient, Synth-Epic and Fantasy Medieval Electro from the dungeon closely, as awakening led to give this recorded album of its own entitled Khazad Dum – the last bridge inside one of the tunnel where andalf the grey wizard finally facing his fear against the mighty Balrog concluded them to die but one resurrects onto something more powerful as the ghost of pasts decades of the diggers still trying and trying as ahunted the places while the orc horde owning their lairs deeper underground. 
   Zirakigil and Bundushathur as well as The Forge of Fire and The Eternal Walls which followed by The Bridge or Dragonfire  - all led to the rest of the chronicles of the dwarves race history as music like this really caught your attentions for the epic instrumentals essence over several tracks as either nothingness or winter tomb explorations in this Dark Ambient musical can stop anyone from quarreling and starts watching where your steps going to take you without making terrible noises attract the orcs or Balrog.

Khazad Dum: