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Carl Sagan (Hush Records 2007)

Affiliations of a flock or horde of talented cross-gender musicians on this American Chamber Pop group started as the initiative solo project of Ritchie Young might excessively not too darn exclusive consisted for many names like vocalist/guitarist leader Ritchie Young, Heather Broderick for cello/piano/celeste; Peter Broderick playing drums, violin, mandolin or saw and Scott Magee the bass clarinet performer to Laurel Simmons performing piano/celeste/vocals to Amanda Lawrence or Treluv as the releasing over their third recording as the big connections of strings arrangements and harmonic coexist may comes tremendously, artistic like Folk-Pop Indie Alternative carrying the loved for Led Zeppelin and hugging their audiences within Foeld Report, Northern Knees Trees and Lights, A Warning (All Your Friends are Smiling), Scabs on This Year (written by Dillon Young) to Song in 3-4; leaving your ears filled up with presence of something pure and simply rural friendly – going back to nature mother arms kinds of Pop music and Country migrations to the West via Paper The Walls and may your days be merry …

Paper The Walls: