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Broken Chains When (Gradual Hate 2017)

   A personal views and ideas of making traditional Folkish/Pagan worshiping music came a trust of one female evoking the olden day beliefs within the disguising of herself as Nemhain (the errant warrior) as she playing most of all including the instruments like guitars, midi program as well as voices vocals of symphonic intuitions and serving the gods and goddesses purposes well over her great heritage works these days.
   New millennium modern days and technology won’t ever stopping the lost past historical story over the collapsing of an empire as the freehold of Valyria was being destroyed as approaches by the conquest of Westeros through Targaryen known later as demon-hunted and more evidence over the mansion with the colored glass depicted and the occupation of Khal Dogo on Pentos. 
   Haling her existence of beauty and mysteries within Doom of Valyria from Palma De Mallorca or Balearic Island; telling us the cataclysm fragmented and the saga of spirits continues from inside the woods where a goddess still running faster with the wilder wolves on Warg which contemporary compels the audiences within thus harmonic tracks written and composed by the hands of an ancient descended of both dark sorcerer and druid priestess combining once again the power of light and dark; wisdom and evil spells as the sword held higher to guide the guardian as the dawn of old world slowly slips away … 

Passing months and time of Samhain, Berserker or Legacy to El Puno de Los Primeros Hombres and the lost stories to compiles within Sons of The North begins the invasion of the barbarians at the gates of a nameless independent island led by warrior/queen Nemhain.