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Breathsaver Soule (Bandcamp 2010)

Brian Gorsegner, Erin Hays, Evan Kiel and Miranda Taylor didn’t just wanted to be famously known via myspace page of their own group – Full Of Fancy as you might didn’t know that the big fat juicy drummer is going to always be there for the girls and making them saver as the music develops together perhaps, later on as a trio. Through the second releasing from Liquid Nature + The Singles within these plenty of twenty-two tracks adding from the first installments before now making the complete box-set altogether; the compositions of sound from the women’s perspective meets the folkish Alternative Rock simplicity may turning the tide for a new feminism movements not being hated the most of men anymore but trying to do things better rather than competing. Mostly, songs are coming in under the non-requested three minutes top and shorter but the fast riffs and catchy choruses may leads the typhoon of head-bang crazy to the mosh-pit parade jumping from the stage following the band.
Whether you posing with your friends like the band’s did or eating almost the same giant candy ring or making the influences music available again in permanent materials like The Weather, Blue Black, Dear Summer and A Lot of People’s Girlfriends are in There through Sleep Sleep, Gym Class or Letter to The Editor really slicing the meaningless stereostype to some audiences that Modern Alt-Rock girls cannot making good simple songs with a blast approved here by our Red Bank, New Jersey trio !

Liquid Nature + The Singles: