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Brain Wash Lawyer (Polydor/Red Eye 1995)

   Tex Perkins starting his effort next band and calling it The Cruel Sea which also consisting of drummer Jim Elliot, Ken Gormly on bass guitar, Dan Rumour on guitars and keyboardist/guitarist James Cruickshank in Sydney, Australia – releasing few good Alternative/Hard Rock recordings with a great sense of licks influenced by either The Doors, The Rolling Stones or The Bad Seeds as electrifying to the bone chilled bass-lines and distinguished vocals from Tim himself. Through the band’s fourth record officially entitled Three Legged Dog just like the picture on front cover showing the snap-shot of disability but proud to survive meaning a lot to many audiences to relates this with that background story for seeing the big picture here.
   Much tension and groovy beats recorded within the flexible Modern Rock sounds on this (also called) self-titled album like Anybody But You, Teach Me, Hard Candy to Just a Man which reflecting the late glimpse from the own infamous Pop-Rock band from Down Under – INXS that seems to possessing The Cruel Sea to make this thing

Three Legged Dog: