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Bossa Nova (Simple Machines 1995)

Was an Arlington Indie Rock unit which having their own career expands with Jenny Toomey to Kristin Thompson and the rest of the gang like Luther Gray, Amy Domingues to Bob Massey and John Palmer that sounded like kinds of seminal Hole-session with a softer side for Courtney Love and less glamour looks but still have things to kills their audiences with good music.

Meet the compilation recording for this World Tour And Other Destinations fits for your holiday rocking year’s end concerto in most grungy style possible through Flameproof Suit, Candyman, Genius of Crack, Answerman, Could Have Been Christmas, Punk Means Cuddle or Sometimes A Notion and Kidding The Square spreading the encouraging movements shared by the band themselves as Tsunami; the giant wave proving that the nineties was totally wrong and awesome to listen !

World Tour and Other Destinations: