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Born-Violence (Prosthetic Records 2014)

   Technical Thrash melodic to Death Metal reality purposes from Whittier, California for their battles and war ensemble extremities for Exmortus – the band consisting of drummer Mario Mortus, Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez on guitars/vocals to David Rivera for the guitars/vocals and Phillip Nunez on bass player blazing their incoming fire of hatred visions among the barbaric tribes attacking the more advancing modern day civilizations within their greed as the risen of Bronze age already happening higher like the dawn of the last ancient men survivors on this full length recording of Slave To The Sword. Listening for the deadly dedication over Immortality Made Flesh, Foe Hammer, Warrior of The Night, From The Abyss and Moonlight Sonata (act 3) the instrumental way through Metal is King which says all. Destroy, as you came in to conquer and take all for leave nothing back.

Slave To The Sword: