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Boozehound Barney (Bandcamp 2017)

   Yes, the actual recording music would be purely, Pop-Punk Skater show by one man project with the helps by some friends and bandmate; meet the productive Perth, Australia guy named Dan Cribb who owning this event of occasion which actually, entitled this recording release as Worst Tribute Ever but the facts are these songs ain’t really some kinds of classic tribute cover-up tracks by legends or famous people but self-written practical jokes and daily stories around the life of Mr. Cribb himself featuring some of his good fellows or mates there making the catchiest melodies and soon to be published well and harder might as might infamous as Fat Mike’s catalogs.
   Listen and go jumping for the extreme activities of your December boring weeks to meet and visits more different places with the harking themed tracks from Oh Streetcar! (feat. Scott Connor), Scorpio (feat. Tyler Richardson), Whacking Day & Baby On Board (feat. Andy & Gav McDougall) onto more popish punkish and tons of awesomeness via Union Strike Folk Song (feat. David Novak), The Amandement Song (feat. Benny Davis & Will Erimya) to Canyonero (feat. Bec Stevens & Jackson Grealy) shall filling your holidays (even) viewed the Simpson’s empty couch or wasted creamy doughnut - with much blasts !

Worst Tribute Ever: