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Bookie The Tony (Bufu Records 2014)

Boston, Massachusetts quartet of weirdy Alternative Pop Rock music whose consisting of Joe, Carina, Scott and Nick before jumping insanely and destroying their own bedroom or old dusty garage took a picture about it while it still clean and neat but the honesty of how Pop-Rock Alternative reality has its path to taking a journey soon after the mass-hysteria is gone and people starting to listen for regular Pop-Dance-Rn’B stuff via digitals, radios or televisions but American Cheese continues and go on with the spirits from the group that recording it – Hands And Knees as miraculously, given us the older sounds off sixties era to the seventies and prelude to the eighties Pop-Indie cultures within thus harmony vocals to the catchy guitars and jangling themes or melodies to be listened by you.
The audiences might loving most of the offering tracks recorded here on the album: Hey Chris, My Boy, Flying Fast or Freakshow to Night on The Mississippi might Return your visionary and relaxing hours back to the timing machine of the past as school boys, nerds to conspiracy theorists may gathered around while this one put on the stereo system in medium volume.

American Cheese: