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Blue Whale (Cubby Control Records 2017)

   A nearly good statement being told to the new millennium worldwide on not only of how Life is Insane but digitally, recorded there through the visionary recording on fairly poor judgment about the godliness of the savior as Jesus Christ, You’re Crazy on this rocking opera song cycles as well for Post-Ironic Parable expanding sessions on these Psychedelic Freaky-Folk artistic and Progressive experimental electro sounds with variations, clever strings arrangements and total harmony vocals and epic teaser collages of tunes over track-listed titles available for you to listen.
   The Cubby Creatures as well as those other cubbies project from the label records lasted within this incarnations for Bill Fisher, Jason Gonzales, Brian Weaver and Emily Davis piecing their ambience instrumentals and voice of full elements feelings of mankind projector and as many more artworks made by several intelligent talented artists for them. 
   The squelchy, snitched periods upon the masterpiece concluded within these eleven tunes – from Keep In Mind, Resurrection Pits, Auxyuckscrux by That Hideous Strength all the way finished by Yesu (Ebow Stud #3) by Alec Way may sounding notorious as the audiences reading the titles but on the other hand; the musical parade of harmonies capturing the brilliant consciousness called Indie-Pop Folkish gifts to us.

Jesus Christ, You're Crazy: