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Billy’s Theme (Pirate Music 2014)

A good job being made by the drummer/producer/composer not only when he’s playing harder for Colonel Clypool only or Buckethead or The Freak Brothers; Bryan Mantia or Brain Mantia with his brain-beatz fully cones co-working with your favorable looking complete female musicians/synthesizer Melissa Reese as Brain and Melissa as they’re filling in the soundtrack musical for the horror satirical movie by Joseph Kahn about the serial killer that certain to be blame for its preying on most of the members on the school student body as a disgruntle and likely suspect widely ranging from the suicidal Riley Jones to Ione Foster the self-absorbed or Clapton Davis the hipster according to the principal while this killer named Cinderhella is still on the loose known to be on Grizzly Lake High as being starring by Shanley Caswell, Josh Hutcherson, Erica Shaffer to Dane Cook and more.
As Brain and Melissa came-out with their highly eerie but fun mixing of the essential boom-sticking beats for your ears to listening to as the soundtrack of Detentions (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) dealing with tracks like Evil Xylo, Riley Pill, 80’s Porn, Elliot Fink, Segal vs. Swayzie or Reached The End, Pool Attack to Main Horror completely, fixtures those combinations off semi-Industrial, Electronic-Rock, Pop-weirdness sounds and metallic instrumentals with sensual female voices sampling and more idealistic fun from the two of them while the main characters of the film being trapped inside the detention room at prom night while waiting Cinderhella to strike again or the entire school just dealing with a supernatural force of sinister … 

Nobody knows until the terror stops.

Detention (original motion picture soundtrack):