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Big Sis Jamz (Not On Label 2016)

   Funny strange that a white girl wanted to have a friendship with an exotic far east asian guy but for the rebel duo crew of Sales; Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih keeps making money and fame fortunes via Orlando, Florida as these duet soulful Pop-Electro as well as Rock N’ Roll moody Pop-beats. Artwork providing by Alana Questell and the fifteen lesser-known songs to be referred within the Pop culture catalyst projects since the beginning until now may consolidates how on earth you liking to eat fruits that much with the additions of flowers and colorful fancy things being closely play and performs for Chekin’ Out, Trapped In A Club, Pope is A Rockstar, Sorry Bro, Seven’s Day and Thurs 6-25 are seems to be legally, possessed by the entire cultural of Alternative Jangle-Pop features and the loving child from Lauren and Jordan to the future.

Sales LP: