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Better Waiting (Anti Authority 2016)

One of the hottest group playing their Reggae and Ska with Rock-steady movements epic not fails ransom of energetic sounds made of Orlando – Florida for the likes of Dennis Brown, The Skatalites or The Supersonics as well the blending more deeper branches for Jazz, Soul-roots and of course, Rock n’ Roll might semi-perfectly performs by the members: Jeff Richey, Todd Elliot, Jake Jones, Christian Ryan to Joe Meadows and Lucas Scarpelli over good music, beached weeks and beer life anthems as those skaters and BMX bikers might also liking them as well – listening to this album release entitled Long Road by Control This! as the refreshing rhythmic and beats will obeying you to dance and moving the butt off the seats and everyone filling the dance-floor and the ledges and empty spaces by enjoying the moods of the music times available within You & Me, Door to Your Heart, Distance & Distractions or Lover’s Quarrel which closely, brought all those romantic themed back to the front stages by anonymous decisions on having these guys playing on high skills and happy feelings to entertains.

Long Road: