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Bastante (Count Your Lucky Stars 2015)

Up the chimneys of a busy urban area as far as your eyes can see them; seems to be nothing interesting about that but if you look a little bit details – this is the chance for the group that animates that onto their first extended play record as second chance won’t be pops again quite predictable for making your first impression and so, the strength to it for the Oakland, CA’s excellent Emo and Punk-Pop whose sounding far much awesome than just a copycat for nineties awesome bands with female front-woman like The Muffs or Letters To Cleo as calling themselves Long Knives trio of bassist Robert Herrera, Connor Koreski on drums and lead vocals/guitarist Kristia Moya over This Is Your Life asking and telling listeners especially, the mix-confusing teenagers for not thinking short but seeing the future in a much brighter thoughts and views against the addictive modern global world that drags everyone down to be its followers.

Unwelcome Guest or Home may giving you the clues even if this record’s too short.

This Is Your Life: