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Backseat Party (Paper Trail Records 2015)

   Melancholic by ending the results and expanded through layers of rambling inaurticulate psychobabble on Philosophy At 23/at 24 as the strewn off those Lo-Fi Folkish guitar-performance over Answer Tide or The Fog and loops audio through Firefly Stars being shortly deranged from thus digital-era from the past to the next term for a full band concept intricate our own Robbie Prisco interweave analog setting on this solo project under the term of Beach Moon /Peach Moon as the debut recording runs hushy through Kite Without A String.
Picturing two figure of lovers whom forever be separated in bound; how poor it is going to be sounded like will not having the customers or audience answers much. There not much vocals that could giving you any signs of approval right after the sinned guilt being judge or the water’s getting higher as a predator lurking out from the depth as its jaw can slowly grab your legs or something else in a close range; a Stage and Screen policy being held and made clearer that Shoegaze whether the music came from Dublin, San Francisco, New York to Sad-Core. Math-Pop, Bedroom Pop onto Indie Rock; things already cannot be saved anymore but Pop jangling sounds shall always sells a lot – from hundred up to millions pumps !

Kite Without A String: