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Atrophied Edge (2nd Wave Records 2008)

   Melodic Hardcore and Skater Punk fellows from Quebec – Canaduh(!) portraying their image as the doomed doctor death within the black plague mask featured creature lurking under the shadow watching you and the rest of the modern world unguarded; as Alexis Trepanier, Ettienne Dionne, Jean-Phillipe Lamonde and Marc-Antoine Bastien of Mute (the group) becomes a quartet bashing their ways of fast slicing music and riffs to encouraging you to do and thinking positively good facing the near future which also correctly, filled with their lyrics of conspiracy theory inside The Raven as elusive as sharp-cutting filled files of law-suits for non-materialistic themes but mostly, a daily reality to men to change or being extinct and destroyed as it seems showed via Apocalypse Soon, Coming Back, Lost and Found or Burning Wreck to Communication Breakdown themes in certain collapsing years of high-budget alternative rock events before conscious awakens and taking back the main course back !

The Raven: