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Aneurisma (Bandcamp 2012)

   The sextet of Prog-Rock and ensemble musicians from Barao Geraldo (Brazil) consisted of Andre Cardoso (vocals, bass), Juliana Strassacapa (vocals), Matheus Fattori (guitars), Gabriel Slenes (trumpet, keys and vocals) to Max Maiken (tenor sax), Fabiano Benetton (guitars, vocals) and Sebastian Piraces (drums) from Campinas/Sao Paulo area playing their Progressive Punkish and Jazzy grooves combination here for the loves over Jeff Rosenstock, All People or Signals Midwest among others. Concrete the performance as one name solid as Lisabi over the recording release of Senseless; the colliding fusion between Portugese musical ensemble and local to traditional Arabic and world sounds may variably empowered this tones chords of four tracks progressively – available themselves as being written and composed by Lisabi and friends whether you digging the beginning steps of The Uniqueness or Quatro that comes to launch in five minutes and eight seconds top. Engineered the most of tipping best quality performance there – alternatively, independent as being well-known to the smaller audiences as neat product.