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Anareta Wolf (Neurot Recordings 2010)

   U.S Christmas consisting of Nate Hall (guitars, words), Matt Johnson (synthesizer, guitars, sounds), Chris Thomas (guitars, bass), BJ Graves (drums), Justin Whitlow (drums, experimental sounds) to Josh Holt (bass, drone) and Meghan Mulhearn (violin, voice) may not be what you think they’re about as a group of musicians playing themed songs for entertaining Christmas show but a real progressive mental liability on having the roots of Bluesy Rock Sludge-core with Psychedelic flavored and Space Rock experimental recording their fifth albums and the horror hopes rejected the happiness away from the playing musical by the band show to you all. Run Thick In The Night might be a guidance for those whom not planning to die so soon but for some others – it comes without a sound to kill you in your resting sleep as taking the last breath of your soul out while the stereo performing the group through Ephraim in The Stars, Fire is Bleeding, Devil’s Flower in Mother Winter and The Moon in Flesh and Bone trying to contact your presence and then, replacing it when you fell for tiredness and replacing the living with total death feasting on everything …

Run Thick In The Night: