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Ana Babylonia (Tiefdruck-Musik 2010)

   Maybe the group consisting of two beautiful rock-heads women and two more gentlemen metallers are the real fans of Monster Magnet, The Gits, Alice in Chain, Pantera to Motorhead as rehearsing before gigging, set things on fire, bleed tattoing and deafning distorted musical making for the quartet of Amber Erlandsson (vocals, lyrics), Lisa Dickinson (bass & vocals) to Lakis Kyriacou (guitars) and Adrian Erlandsson on drums of Nemhain (band) from Murder Mile –London; mixing their rocked out linking screening stage for Blues and Rock over Heavy Metal and Punk screaming aloud while the sounds coming cleaner and fantastically, entertaining but dangerous as well within the releasing for their album core on From The Ashes truly, won’t sounding a failure to almost everyone as a reminder for Courtney Love versus The Distillers really capturing the attentions of listeners while cranking up Second Skin, Clear My Eyes, Girls Like Honey, The Filth and The Fury straight through Mr. Bronson or Heroin Child – seeking the place where sex, drugs and rock n’ roll still considerable legal and anger controls seems not as much effective to be banned and so did the making of more tattoos !

From The Ashes: