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Alcubierre Drive (Alfa Matrix 2016)

   For the forming on live performance issues at first – the mainly aim turned to more recordable artist studio as well as there are too many ideas to wasted while written songs or composing materials shall be needed to caught them by the web-deceptions of putting the recordings on; this Industrial Rock or Electro-Clash or Dark EBM band from Antwerp, Belgium consisting for Ben Van De Cruys and Yves Schelpe to Emelie Nicolai or Kristof De Clerck did their career of banging blasts of loud fucking rules Techno Metal Electronic within some quite darker and successful for local and international levels performance and recordings.
   Through the latest edition of Psy’Aviah Techno-Industrial and Dance-Pop album on Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars both the real record and the (Bonus Tracks Version). Fully main-shifting over Synth-Pop and mostly, hovering Electro-Pop beats which is softer and mild but never sounding too damn tamed; you will loving them all as being throttled in one package over From Another World (feat. Bernard Feron), Liberosis (feat. Alvin River), Peace Paradox, Strastruck (feat. Diana S) as many more galaxial force dragging within the tracks here on the album – sending all those energy of a single living being of female to the sky high shocking down heavens and many more universal domain.

Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars (Bonus Tracks Version):