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Advanced Fentanyl (Flayvor Records 2017)

Self-inflicted solo project like a lost jedi trying to moving back to his chosen points where there should be no more past time pride but independent of consciousness towards the excitement on making good experimental music sounds without informing suspicious commercialism pinned to it. Mike Layton already did his job good while challenging oneself to build an elusive Expires; which already releasing several albums and the newest one would be – Fake Sigils. 

Written by the man himself – Anteroom or Vertical Forest would be an imaginative enriches points to solve within the listening for the tracks or You’ve Done Enough and Knives in The Sand that confirms the essential wisdom delivery form Mr. Layton to the world of apathy to either bury the hatchet or spreading some kindness to the one who deserved it and for more weird themes laying in between; we got Chloroform Him until Skewed Lines which literary answering the strange things happening in someone’s life as the days of men already been counting. 

Fake Sigils offering the symbols related to the secret orders and information hidden buried somewhere on Camelot or the lost kingdom of the lost continent’s latter on civilizations mixed by Noise-Rock N’ Roll grungy and Psychedelic-Jazz off Pittsburg, PA. 

Expire's Fake Sigils: