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Active Bembe (Self-Released 2017)

   Mysteriously like scientific acts moving forwards to touching the essence of tones and beats of music of space-travelling imagination which described as the blending for Electronic Funk vibes and Rn’B soulful within Techno Dance or Future Jazz ritual project as deep as the deepest ocean floor straight boosted up to the sky-spacing borders might be hitting the barricades or just travel as possible as morph-everything onto the galaxy through the fake news about ozone holes and such by the rhythmic songs and drums carrying the ancestral messages connecting to a reality for Iyapo – recorded and performed by Wood//Work and friends off Berlin – Germany. Experiemntal values comes with Cuz Luv with backing vocals by Damon Bell, or the arousing - Eyes Wide Shut Leading vocals by The Neighborhood Character, Sangre in lead singer by Khalil Anthony to Bluest Ranger (Afrikan Sciences/The Neighborhood Character) or more tranced slower and soft but the endless beats has brought the land of dark-descends of Black Adam’s musical heritage to filling in your thirst for longing the atmosphere of continent of giant animals, gold and silver and unexplored jungles just like saying this is the record that played by tarzan and his ape-men on the mating season or regular party night late in their tree-tower cribs.

Yeah …