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A Snow Desert Jukebox (Nettwerk 2015)

   Before the group exists, first there’s a solo project under Phil Klygo perhaps – then, comes the line-up formation and as the long timer gone and still more coming the future; from the past some ex-members and the newer ones appearing and with that fact the Folkish-Pop and Slow-driven tunes of both rural and mountain-lakes area capturing atmosphere are here again as Great Lake Swimmer re-inventing the beginning past of their lovely musical making through this latest album studio called A Forest Of Arms.
As Tony Dekker, Erik Arnesen, Bret Higgins, Joshua Van Tassel to Miranda Mulholland; Julia Fader, Colin Huebert to Greg Millson, Sandro Perri and Darcy Yates collaborates there and written some of their finest millennial tunes from the experiences of working with World Wildlife Fund or visiting variety locations around Wainfleet, Ontario (Canada) with daily lives issues as well on Zero in The City, One More Charge at The Red Cape, A Bird Flew inside the House, I Was a Wayward Pastel Bay onto Something Like Storm; peeling the layers of harmony and melodic both music instruments performance or the back-up vocals which flicks some Pop-Country and Indie Folk conquers all for the likes of the band would helping the world preserving each acre at once – a dreamy wish that needs a finger-crossed.

A Forest of Arms: